Thursday, May 31, 2007

A Visit To Grandma's House

I am spending a few days in Yorkton visiting my Mother. Yesterday we had supper with Debbie and Ryan who is off to plant trees in Alberta. Mom made her famous potato and apple perogies, baked ham, sausage, and all the trimmings. Today Mom and I made retes, which is the Hungarian equivalent of German strudel. This was a first time venture for me. I don't think I have quite mastered stretching the dough until it is the size of the table and thin as paper but at least I have discovered it is not as difficult as I originally thought. Now we are just relaxing and watching the rain. Why is it that it is either ungodly hot or raining when I come to Yorkton?

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Our Busy Schedule

We are slowly settling back into our busy lives in Eatonia. It took a few days to sort through mail, get the telephone and TV back to the usual services and reorganize the house. Last weekend we went to visit with Meg and Al and take a load of furniture for Allan who is renting a house off campus. We had a good visit with the relatives and showed our holiday pictures.
I have started spring cleaning but seem to be easily distracted. I have put my name on the sub list and was back in my old classroom last week. It was great to see all my students and see how much they have grown. Senor Ping and I have golf memberships and so we have been out for a few rounds of golf together and I have been out for "Ladies Night" twice. I am also looking forward to spending some time out in the yard so I don't think we will have much trouble keeping ourselves busy. And then again, if we don't feel like doing it today we can always do it tomorrow......that's the joy of being retired.