Sunday, March 29, 2009

St Patrick's Day Parade

On March 17 Val Vista Village celebrated St. Patrick's Day with an Irish Stew Lunch and a parade. Senor Ping and I skipped the lunch but lined up with the rest to watch the parade.

These guys were called the Lawn chair brigade and they had quite an entertaining routine.

Canadian representation was strong as the RCMP Musical Ride also took part in the parade.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Old Town Scottsdale

Great little tourist town... Old Town Scottsdale, expensive restaurants, lots of art galleries, public sculptures and parks. We took the tour on the Old Town Trolley. We were entertained by lots of artistic renditions of horses. Bought birthday card for Megan!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Cubs Win, Cubs Win, Cubs Win!!!

Alfonzo Soriano hit the first pitch out of the park, and the Cubs went on to win 6-4 over the Oakland A's.

Lots of scouts were in attendance, in fact, they were seated in the row behind us. (Good seats, right behind home plate in row 11).

Check out the BeerMe Guy photo.

Also on hand were several hall of famers including Rollie Fingers, Ferguson Jenkins and Joe Morgan! For a five spot you could get their autograph.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Farewell to New Friends

We have made many new friends in Mesa. One of the couples we have enjoyed our time with is Bill and Margie. We met Bill and Margie a few days after we arrived in Mesa. Within hours of meeting, Senor Ping, Bill and Dave were jamming together.

Over the past 4 weeks there has been much music and laughter. We have also enjoyed many conversations pool side, during and after dinners, while shopping, bike riding and just visiting. On Wednesday the guys had their last jam session. Hopefully their neighbors enjoyed the music as much as the rest of us. On Friday morning we said our farewells with promises to keep in touch. If all goes well, they may make a trip to "flatskatchewan" in the summer.

In the meantime, Senor Ping is still playing guitar, practicing some new "old songs" and Abbey is enjoying the serenading!!

MIni Kish Reunion in Mesa

It has been a busy week but I will try to catch you up on what's been happening. On Monday evening Senor Ping and I went to visit with my cousin Cindy and her husband Brian. They have a winter home about 15 minutes away from us and I'm so glad we were able to get together. My Aunt Vi and Aunt Win were visiting with them so we had a mini Kish reunion. Brian was very helpful giving us some suggestions for scenic drives while we are in Mesa. Hopefully we will be able to get together with them before we all head to our northern homes. We would still like to get together with Sandy and Dennis if we can work it out and if any of the other Kish cousins are in the area be sure to let us know. We'd love to see you!!

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Just Three Guys

Yesterday afternoon Senor Ping and two of his guitar playing buddies played in the courtyard at the RV Park. I think it is safe to say they all had a blast. They played a wide range of music that appealed to all the audience. Some of the people we talked to were quite impressed to hear that they had only known each other less than 3 weeks. It's too bad Bill and his wife are leaving next Friday and their home is Redding, California. It might be a bit difficult to get together and jam over the summer!

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Keeping Busy in Arizona

Senor Ping commented this morning that I hadn't updated my blog in over a week and I responded that our days have been busy and the internet connection has been weak which makes it very frustrating to do any updates.  However, I am now sitting in the sunshine, sipping my coffee and so far I have posted 2 entries.  I thought I'd finish off today by filling you in on what we have been doing here in Mesa.

Senor Ping is very busy playing guitar and jamming with some great musicians he met when we arrived. This afternoon  Bill, Steve and Senor Ping will play in the courtyard from 2 - 4.  The courtyard is adjacent to large pool and there is often  entertainment during  Happy Hour.  It is usually BYOB and everyone visits, dances and has a great time.  The trio also played at Steve's birthday celebration last night. Bill and his wife are leaving next Friday so they are hosting a Burrito Party tomorrow and I am sure there will lots of music to go with good food and lots of laughter. 

We have  been shopping a few times (well, maybe more than a few).  Mesa is very easy to navigate around and we have been out to the Flea Market, Costco, Guitar Center as well as usual trips to the mall and supermarket.  There is a supermarket within walking distance of the park so it's easy to pick up a few things when you need to.  We have done some site seeing but there are so many things to see and do I am sure we will have to come back a few more times.

I've kept up with the aquacises each day and we usually head to the pool for a couple hours in the afternoon.  The park also has a great library so I have been trying to read the books I brought first and then I will borrow a few from the library.  On Thursday I am going to take a sewing class instructed by the  mother of  my cousin Emily's son-in-law (can you figure that one out??).  My neighbor is also taking the class so it will be a chance to get to know a few other people in the park.

Senor PIng and I are going to have dinner with my cousin Cindy and her husband on Monday and will also get to visit with my Aunt Vi and Aunt Win (they are visiting for a week).  We'll be thinking of the rest of the Kish Klan when we get together.

Along with all of these activities there are the daily walks with Abbey, bike rides around the park, laundry (the laundry room is across the street, lots of machines and very clean), time to watch the curling on TV as well as lots of time to sit back, relax and smell the orange blossoms that have started to bloom.  

Variety Night at Val Vista

The Variety Night at Val Vista was held on Monday and Tuesday evening.  We purchased tickets for Monday's performance before Doug and Bill were asked to provide the pre-show music so I went to see parts of both evenings.  

The program began with the Drillettes marching in with the Canadian and U.S. flags.  The Drillettes are a group of women similar to the drill team that accompanies  marching bands.  Some of them marched and others could barely walk.  This is not a group I would consider joining even though deep down I've always wanted to learn to twirl a baton and wear matching outfits with 30 other women ranging in age from 60 - 85.  I did however get some new moves I can try out with the grads this year.  They also presented the park with all of the provincial and territorial flags from Canada and I had to hold Senor Ping down to keep him from yelling "Go Riders!!" when they waved the Saskatchewan flag.

The evening's entertainment ranged from a barbershop quartet (they were very good), skits , singing (much like middle years air bands), tap dancing, jokes, poems, and a wonderful group called the 4 Amigos who had everyone rolling in the aisles.  Senor Ping left early but I stuck it out until the end.  After all, I've sat through 30 years of Christmas concerts, room programs, music festivals, dance recitals and airbands so what was one more!!

On Tuesday evening I went to listen to Bill, Steve and Senor Ping do the pre-show music, took a few pictures and then headed home.  

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

A Drive Along The Apache Trail

The Apache Trail is a historical loop through the Tonto National Park. The 85 mile drive started in Apache Junction. We passed by Goldfield with plans to visit this gold mining town another day. We made a quick stop in Tortilla Flats to browse through the gift shop and saloon. The road then turned to a narrow (and in some places one lane only) trail up, down and around the mountains. The view was spectacular. We passed by Canyon Lake, Apache Lake and Roosevelt Dam. After the dam the road reverted to pavement and we stopped in Globe for a late lunch. The drive took most of the day and the photos hardly do the scenery justice but we recommend the Apache Trail to anyone visiting this part of Arizona.