Saturday, March 07, 2009

Variety Night at Val Vista

The Variety Night at Val Vista was held on Monday and Tuesday evening.  We purchased tickets for Monday's performance before Doug and Bill were asked to provide the pre-show music so I went to see parts of both evenings.  

The program began with the Drillettes marching in with the Canadian and U.S. flags.  The Drillettes are a group of women similar to the drill team that accompanies  marching bands.  Some of them marched and others could barely walk.  This is not a group I would consider joining even though deep down I've always wanted to learn to twirl a baton and wear matching outfits with 30 other women ranging in age from 60 - 85.  I did however get some new moves I can try out with the grads this year.  They also presented the park with all of the provincial and territorial flags from Canada and I had to hold Senor Ping down to keep him from yelling "Go Riders!!" when they waved the Saskatchewan flag.

The evening's entertainment ranged from a barbershop quartet (they were very good), skits , singing (much like middle years air bands), tap dancing, jokes, poems, and a wonderful group called the 4 Amigos who had everyone rolling in the aisles.  Senor Ping left early but I stuck it out until the end.  After all, I've sat through 30 years of Christmas concerts, room programs, music festivals, dance recitals and airbands so what was one more!!

On Tuesday evening I went to listen to Bill, Steve and Senor Ping do the pre-show music, took a few pictures and then headed home.  

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