Saturday, March 07, 2009

Keeping Busy in Arizona

Senor Ping commented this morning that I hadn't updated my blog in over a week and I responded that our days have been busy and the internet connection has been weak which makes it very frustrating to do any updates.  However, I am now sitting in the sunshine, sipping my coffee and so far I have posted 2 entries.  I thought I'd finish off today by filling you in on what we have been doing here in Mesa.

Senor Ping is very busy playing guitar and jamming with some great musicians he met when we arrived. This afternoon  Bill, Steve and Senor Ping will play in the courtyard from 2 - 4.  The courtyard is adjacent to large pool and there is often  entertainment during  Happy Hour.  It is usually BYOB and everyone visits, dances and has a great time.  The trio also played at Steve's birthday celebration last night. Bill and his wife are leaving next Friday so they are hosting a Burrito Party tomorrow and I am sure there will lots of music to go with good food and lots of laughter. 

We have  been shopping a few times (well, maybe more than a few).  Mesa is very easy to navigate around and we have been out to the Flea Market, Costco, Guitar Center as well as usual trips to the mall and supermarket.  There is a supermarket within walking distance of the park so it's easy to pick up a few things when you need to.  We have done some site seeing but there are so many things to see and do I am sure we will have to come back a few more times.

I've kept up with the aquacises each day and we usually head to the pool for a couple hours in the afternoon.  The park also has a great library so I have been trying to read the books I brought first and then I will borrow a few from the library.  On Thursday I am going to take a sewing class instructed by the  mother of  my cousin Emily's son-in-law (can you figure that one out??).  My neighbor is also taking the class so it will be a chance to get to know a few other people in the park.

Senor PIng and I are going to have dinner with my cousin Cindy and her husband on Monday and will also get to visit with my Aunt Vi and Aunt Win (they are visiting for a week).  We'll be thinking of the rest of the Kish Klan when we get together.

Along with all of these activities there are the daily walks with Abbey, bike rides around the park, laundry (the laundry room is across the street, lots of machines and very clean), time to watch the curling on TV as well as lots of time to sit back, relax and smell the orange blossoms that have started to bloom.  

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Meg said...

Sounds like you're having a fabulous time!

Gary and I are off to Costco in a few minutes, as soon as he's done doing his hair. I'm really excited.

Seems the fruit really doesn't fall far from the tree...