Sunday, October 14, 2012

On the Road...Again!!!

It seems like it wasn't too long ago that we  left Mesa and were on our way north.  But the summer is over and like the geese and ducks we are heading south once again.  We left home early this morning and had an easy day of driving with hardly any traffic and so our first night on the road is in Pocatello. Before leaving home this morning we gave Abbey a small dose of a sedative prescribed by the vet.  This was a trial run to see how much we would need to give her when we fly home in December.  it looks like a half a dose will be plenty.  She slept most of our 12 hour drive today and was much less stressed when we were packing up!!!

 If all goes well, we should be in Mesquite by early afternoon tomorrow.  We'll take some time to relax by the pool or the slot machines with our room and breakfast compliments of the hotel (and probably paid for in our previous stops at the machines!!!)  The next day we will take Abbey to the kennel in Bullhead City for a haircut and "spa time" and do a bit of shopping and maybe gambling (if we haven't spent our kids' inheritance)   in Laughlin.

And then it will be a short drive to Mesa the next day!!!!  There will be lots to do when we arrive, but we are both very excited to be heading to our park model instead of dragging the 5th wheel all that way.  The next 6 weeks will fly by, but we know we will have lots of laughs and good times with our "snowbird" friends!!!