Thursday, October 30, 2008

Settling in In Yuma

We arrived in Yuma on Monday in the midst of a heat wave. The temperatures have been unseasonably high, 38C, with lows in the evenings of 23C. Our first night brought hot winds also so it was like having the furnace blowing all night long. since then it has cooled of a bit ad the evenings are very pleasant.
We are in the same site as last year, recognizing some of our neighbors as they return to their winter homes. We have spent our days at the pool and reorganizing around the site. Abbey seems to know her way around the park and headed for the same path we walked each morning last February.
We also enjoyed a visit with friends from Eatonia, Ann and Gerry Rhodes, who are getting some dental work done in Mexico. Last evening we went for dinner with them and today we are planning to meet at the Flea Market.
I am planning to buy some Halloween treats today. Our neighbors told me that we may see some youngsters out trick or treating tomorrow. I imagine there may be a few "oldsters" out and about as well. The park seems to be coming alive with more snowbirds arriving each day and the regular programs such as aquacizes, jam sessions etc are in full swing next week.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A Punch In the Face

Last year it was called being tagged, now its a punch in the face. If I was still on the playground doing supervision I would say the game is getting too rough but I'm not so I will go along with the newest Blog game.

5 things I was doing 10 years ago:

1. Carving pumpkins with Kindergarten and Grade 1 students
2. Directing 3 plays for the upcoming high school dinner theatre
3. Driving Megan and allan to volleyball, basketball and hockey games
4. Timekeeping for the Eatonia Spartans (I think they would have been in playoffs)
5. Trying to keep up with day to day chores at home and school

5 things on my to do list today: (By the way, I have a good start on my to do list, having done 4 of the 5, just need to go for a swim and that will be happening soon)

1. Laundry
2. Take Abbey for a walk
3. Going for a swim
4. Updating my blog
5. Reading my book

5 snacks that I love:

1. chocolate
2. appetizers made with cream cheese
3. more chocolate
4. salsa and tortilla chips
5. and more chocolate

5 things I would do if I was a millionaire :

1. Pay off my childrens' debt! All of it. Student loan, car loan, et cetera.
2. Buy a large motor home.
3. Take yearly vacations to exotic places.
4. Take my family on a vacation to Europe
5. Buy Senor Ping a sporty car to tow behind the motorhome

5 places I've lived:

1. Eatonia
2. Kerrobert
3. Saskatoon
4. Yorkton
5. a farm by FoneHill

5 jobs I've had:

1. Floral delivery girl
2. Summer Playground coordinator for Special Needs children
3. Laundry room at Hospital
4. Teacher
5. Substitute Teacher

5 people I punch:

1. Colleen H.
2. Diving Diva
3. Donna from Kirkville
4. Raymondo
5. Allan

Friday, October 24, 2008

Parked at Parker

Senor Ping and have spent the last 3 nights at Buckskin State Park just outside of Parker. We were fortunate to get the last full hookup site overlooking the river. The campground is full, many of which are families and campers from Arizona. hard to impagine going camping for a weekend in October but that is life in Arizona. It has been very warm but we golfed 2 rounds at Emerald Canyon and it is as spectacular as we remembered. The rates are very reasonable, $15 per person for 18 holes of golf cart included. Yesterday we met some people from Saskatchewan and soon discovered that I had taught their daughters in Kerrobert. Today we golfed with a couple from Whistler. Abbey has enjoyed a swim in the river and meeting all the other camping dogs. It seems that every camper has at least one dog.
We are very happy with the campground with the exception of no internet service. The scenery is wonderful, nothing like sitting on the bank of the river as the sun rises and sets each day. We plan to spend a few more days here before moving on to Yuma. This evening we finally found service at the campground we stayed at last spring. Looks like we can spend a few more days here for sure!!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Next Stop: Laughlin

We aren't straying too farnfrom our usual path this trip. After a quick stop in Mesquite to clean the inside and outside of the 5th wheel and to stock up on some supplies we are heading to Laughlin. We have offers for 2 free nights at a couple of the casinos so we are going to take advantage of the offer. Abbey will spend the nights at a kennel across the river.

From Laughlin we are going to make the short trip to Parker and we hope to golf at Emerald Canyon again. And then finally at the end of the week we will head to Yuma and settle in for a while. The weather is beautiful, I was out for a walk at 7:00 AM with just a t-shirt and shorts. There doesn't seem to be the crowds and traffic that we have seen in February or April so that is also very pleasant. So far all is going great.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Mesquite, here we come!

We had a long day of driving yesterday but there wasn't much traffic and even the drive through Salt Lake City was less stressful than usual. We spent the night at the East Bay Campground. It is one of the nicest RV parks we have ever stayed at. Everything was clean, easy access from the freeway and friendly staff. We are taking our time this morning, as we have a shorter drive today. We will stop in Mesquite for the night. I want to give the trailer a good cleaning and then do some shopping for groceries. If there is time we may even take some time for a margarita by the pool. We are never sure what kind of internet service we will have for the next few days so we may not be posting until we get settled in Laughlin. By the way, it was about 10 C last night and we are looking at 28 to 32C for the next few days.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Here We Go Again

Senor Ping and I have decided to venture south with the ducks and geese this fall. Actually, we may be ahead of the ducks and geese since there are still American hunters dressed in full camoflouge strolling the streets of Eatonia and that means there are still some birds left to shoot. Anyway, we were packed and on the road by 1:30 this afternoon. I would like to say that the trip to Great Falls was uneventful but that would be a lie. We were about 30 miles from Medicine Hat and Senor Ping decided to let me in on a secret....we were almost out of gas. Apparently the strong winds had some bearing on how fast we were using gas and it was touch and go whether we would reach the first gas station. Thankfully we made it to the gas station and we now have an idea of just how many litres of gas the truck actually holds.
Back on the road and the cell phone rang. Allan had a few questions about setting up and positioning the satellite dish. It was nice to visit with him and say our goodbyes. And then Raymondo started texting us with the score of the Edmonton-B.C. football game. Needless to say the trip went by quickly and we are now set up at the RV park in Great Falls for the night. The weather is great, shirt sleeve temperatures at 9:30 PM. We have the furnace on in case it cools off overnight, Shreddies for breakfast and high speed internet. Life is good!!
We will aim for Provo tomorrow and unless we get slowed down by weather will be in Nevada by Sunday. I'm looking forward to short and sandals once again. And just so you know....V R having fun!!