Thursday, October 30, 2008

Settling in In Yuma

We arrived in Yuma on Monday in the midst of a heat wave. The temperatures have been unseasonably high, 38C, with lows in the evenings of 23C. Our first night brought hot winds also so it was like having the furnace blowing all night long. since then it has cooled of a bit ad the evenings are very pleasant.
We are in the same site as last year, recognizing some of our neighbors as they return to their winter homes. We have spent our days at the pool and reorganizing around the site. Abbey seems to know her way around the park and headed for the same path we walked each morning last February.
We also enjoyed a visit with friends from Eatonia, Ann and Gerry Rhodes, who are getting some dental work done in Mexico. Last evening we went for dinner with them and today we are planning to meet at the Flea Market.
I am planning to buy some Halloween treats today. Our neighbors told me that we may see some youngsters out trick or treating tomorrow. I imagine there may be a few "oldsters" out and about as well. The park seems to be coming alive with more snowbirds arriving each day and the regular programs such as aquacizes, jam sessions etc are in full swing next week.

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