Friday, October 24, 2008

Parked at Parker

Senor Ping and have spent the last 3 nights at Buckskin State Park just outside of Parker. We were fortunate to get the last full hookup site overlooking the river. The campground is full, many of which are families and campers from Arizona. hard to impagine going camping for a weekend in October but that is life in Arizona. It has been very warm but we golfed 2 rounds at Emerald Canyon and it is as spectacular as we remembered. The rates are very reasonable, $15 per person for 18 holes of golf cart included. Yesterday we met some people from Saskatchewan and soon discovered that I had taught their daughters in Kerrobert. Today we golfed with a couple from Whistler. Abbey has enjoyed a swim in the river and meeting all the other camping dogs. It seems that every camper has at least one dog.
We are very happy with the campground with the exception of no internet service. The scenery is wonderful, nothing like sitting on the bank of the river as the sun rises and sets each day. We plan to spend a few more days here before moving on to Yuma. This evening we finally found service at the campground we stayed at last spring. Looks like we can spend a few more days here for sure!!


colleen said...

We found Internet service in front of the small grocery store at Buckskin SP. Hope the weather holds and you have many more rounds of golf. No envy here!

trudy said...

Glad U R having fun!! Hope to golf at Emerald Canyon this year too. We stayed at Buckskin and loved it--Colorado River is spectacular! Text message caught me off-guard! Good to hear from U!