Monday, October 20, 2008

Next Stop: Laughlin

We aren't straying too farnfrom our usual path this trip. After a quick stop in Mesquite to clean the inside and outside of the 5th wheel and to stock up on some supplies we are heading to Laughlin. We have offers for 2 free nights at a couple of the casinos so we are going to take advantage of the offer. Abbey will spend the nights at a kennel across the river.

From Laughlin we are going to make the short trip to Parker and we hope to golf at Emerald Canyon again. And then finally at the end of the week we will head to Yuma and settle in for a while. The weather is beautiful, I was out for a walk at 7:00 AM with just a t-shirt and shorts. There doesn't seem to be the crowds and traffic that we have seen in February or April so that is also very pleasant. So far all is going great.


colleen said...

Too easy guys.
Sounds great. Wish we were there.


Raymondo said...

Good to hear things are going well. Gasoline prices are 99.9 cents/litre today. Breezy and cool (around 8-10 C.).

Meg said...

This is your daughter.

I haven't heard from you in several days.

I assume you are either out of the internet service area or have been in an accident.

Please confirm.

Meg said...

Oh, got a text message. You're still alive.