Friday, December 12, 2008

Getting the Home Theatre Ready....

Well, Lenore and I went to Medicine Hat on Wednesday to pick up the new tv, a bunch of Christmas lights (led's of course) - they were on sale, the advantage of waiting til the middle of December to set up your lights, and A REAL CHRISTMAS TREE!!! This is the first real tree we have had in 8 years... the last time we hosted the family christmas.

Family-feel invited to bring your favorite Blu-Ray player and disks.... we can hook them up.

Here are pictures of my latest toys arrived just in time for christmas. I would especially like to thank Gary for sending the speakers my way, and Visions for realizing it was in their best interests to replace my old Hitachi on warranty with the new Samsung.


Meg said...

Those are some nice speakers...can't wait to hear them!

Laurel said...

I'm expecting nothing less than complete audio/visual delight and amazement when I come to visit.