Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Maiden Voyage

Senor Ping has brought our 5th wheel to the street in front of our house and I am busy packing the last of the groceries. We are finally going to take our "new to us" Cougar on its "maiden voyage". I started organizing the cupboards a couple weeks ago. I have now moved 1 saucepan and 2 frypans to 3 different cupboards, and I'm not sure if they will stay where they are. There is quite a bit more storage in this RV but, as it seems with all things, the more storage you have the more things you take.

Senor Ping in the meantime has perfected the art of setting up the new TV and satellite dish. He has packed and organized the "basement" storage and installed the new bike rack (although we are not taking bikes on this trip). We have the golf clubs packed, guitar (only one this trip) and other necessities.

Today we are going to Irma, a small town in Alberta, hoping to set up for the weekend and watch some provincial mens' softball (Allan is playing). We are going to have time to visit with Ray and Ronnie and play some golf before the ball games start on Friday.

On Sunday we are going north to Cold Lake Provincial Park. I am facilitating a drama camp for youth at the military base in Cold Lake. The camp should be lots of fun and we are looking forward to seeing some new country. There are 2 golf courses in close vicinity so Senor Ping is going to check them out while I am busy during the day.

From there we are going to head south to Sylvan Lake for the weekend. Ted and Colleen will be out at the lake for the weekend so maybe we will play some golf and have a few beverages. Hopefully the kids will be able to come for a visit and we can have a "mini reunion".

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