Saturday, October 17, 2009

A Hike to Landscape Arch

This morning Senor Ping and I drove up to the Devil's Garden in the the Arches National Park. The hike was marked as an easy trail so we were confident that "flatlanders" would be able to successfully make the hike without needing CPR.
The trail led us through red rocks and sand, up, down and between crevices formed by nature. At the end of the trail we were amazed by the huge arch before us. What a spectacular sight!!!


colleen said...

We thought Balanced Rock was ready to fall 20 years ago. What an amazing area. And it looks like you had great weather to explore (80F).
What RV park did you stay at? Slick Rock at the north edge of town was owned by Shari Joll - born and raised in Eatonia.


Trudy and Glen said...

We are soooo jealous!! What an awesome trip--we will look forward to seeing your pics when we get to Yuma. We ASSUME you are going to be in Yuma sometime this winter?????

Raymondo said...

Looks like a great place to visit!

I have to ask - did Doug try and run across that arch behind him in the photo?