Sunday, December 20, 2009

Me and my New Gretsch!

Here are my latest acquisitions, a '63 Fender Vibrolux and a '66 Gretsch 6120 Nashville! Both Guitar and Amp are doing well and putting out those fabulous vintage sounds.


Mom said...

Wow! And it's not even Christmas yet! You must have your own magic elf.

Good for you. Have fun, Doug!
Merry Christmas,
Loreen and Gavin

New year sms said...
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Bill said...

Awwwwwww! Mannnnn!
Bringin' em to AZ?

Bizee said...

Wow. Your guitar and amp are older than I am.



Pat said...

Wow - so what are you getting rid of in the trailer to make room for THIS guitar? And you're not going to say that, what is that, 3 or 4, guitars is a little excessive to travel with?

It looks great - you must have been a good boy for Santa to bring that to you.

If it's an consolation to you being "Up North der" where it's cold, we're back in the Chicagoland area for the holidays. Although it hasn't been too cold - around 32 degrees F. We drive to MN on Tuesday for just a 3 day visit. That should be colder. Then a quick visit down to central IL to be by my daughter. We fly back to Mesa on 1/5/10. It's been cold there this week.

Hope you have a great holiday.

Carl/Kathy's bikes got stolen last week. And they were locked up, too!