Monday, February 22, 2010

It's Raining, It's Pouring!!!

The weather has been beautiful since we arrived in Mesa. We have had almost 2 weeks of blue skies, sunshine and pool weather. That is, until Saturday. We woke up to the sound of rain pitter, pattering down on the roof of the 5th wheel. For a minute I thought we were back in Saskatchewan. Hard as it is to believe, it really does rain in Arizona. The sun came out for a bit and I was able to take a quick bike ride around the park to admire some of the lake front property. Senor Ping and I went to the dance on Saturday night and wore rain jackets to walk to and from the hall. The rain put a damper on the Mardi Gras theme!!

Sunday morning and we woke up to the steady drip, drop as it was raining once more. Not so much fun!! Abbey and I went for a quick walk and she could hardly wait to get back inside. Apparently, she doesn't care much for the rain either!! We spent the day watching hockey, curling and figure skating. Good thing the Olympics are on!!

And Monday arrives....and with it more rain!!! I thought the wet weather would keep people away from aquacises this morning. NOT!!!! There were 37 women in the pool today. They were probably all looking for an excuse to get out of their motor homes. Cabin fever has struck!! The sun has tried to peak out from behind the grey clouds but as soon as I think it's over, the clouds roll in and the rain starts!!! I may have to check with my New Brunswick neighbors to see if they have hip waders!!


colleen said...

Do you play crib?

Snowflake said...

That's next on the more day of rain and we break out the crib board!!!!

Pat said...

It's a new day - sun is shining! No rain expected till Saturday! Pool weather the rest of the week!