Saturday, April 03, 2010

A Thai Goodbye

Many of our friends here in Arizona have already headed for home. Everyone is hosting Happy Hours. The Canadians are trying to empty their liquor cabinets and the people in park models are cleaning out their freezers and fridges. Lucky for us we have a few more weeks before we go home as we have a few bottles to empty before we cross the border.

We have also enjoyed farewell dinners with many of our friends. We are always eager to try a new restaurant and during the past couple weeks we have gone to Mexican, Italian and Thai restaurants. The meals have been delicious and the evenings full of laughter. We are so fortunate to have made so many wonderful new friends and we look forward to seeing them next year!!

1 comment:

Pat said...

Hey you! When do you guys leave?

In the third picture, is the lady all the way on the right as you're looking at it named Donna?

It's sad saying goodbye to everyone isn't it? But once you get on the road, then you're anxious to get home!