Sunday, August 22, 2010

Salisbury, Bath and Stonehenge

We took a bus tour out of London on August 10th. Good trip, quite a bit of rain and wind on this day, but perhaps, a good day to be on the bus. To the left is a picture of the beautiful Bath Cathedral. We also took in the Roman Baths, of course - why else visit Bath.. Great lunch (Shepard's Pie) acrossfrom the Cathedral. There is much much more to see in Bath. The bus tour just doesn't allow enough to see it all.

Lots of mystery surround the building of Stonehenge. It was also windy. Check out the umbrella.

And of course, the incredible 12th Century Cathedral at Salisbury. This is the one that Ken Follett used as inspiration for his "Pillars of the Earth" meganovel about the bulding of a Cathedral. Here's me being Cloistered.


Judith said...

I LOVE the city of Bath. Have been there several times for several days at a time and still would go back! Next time, try to g when the weather is good as there are amazing "ghost walks" every evening - well-worth it!

You're right, Salisbury Cathedral is amazing. Only a few miles away is another amazing building, Wells Cathedral! Can you even imagine the hours and broken backs that went into the construction of these "ego trips" for the local bishop?

Did you get to Glastonbury? A cool day trip from Bath. We just missed the Glastonbury Festival one July (Britain's version of Woodstock in the 21st Century.) You can climb the Glastonbury Tor and look out over the landsacpe from the mythical Isle of Avalon. Also see where King Arthur was originally buried and his "reburied" site in the Glastonbury Abbey ruins. Very hauntingly beautiful.

Senor Ping said...

Actually our trip to Bath/Salisbury was horribly short. I will go back again but under different circumstances. A bus tour can only be thought of as a "sampler". I am already planning a trip to the British Isles, but small cities only. Thanks for the trip-tips. I will be asking in the near future for more info.


Raymondo said...

Judging by your expression at the Salsbury Cathedral Doug, that stone bench you are sitting on must be really, really cold! Truly great architecture though.

Pat said...

How could you be in England and NOT have it rain? It's for the special effects, no?

That cathedral is beautiful. Hope you got some pictures of the inside.

I thought the mystery you mentioned by Stonehenge was who was behind the umbrella. :)

Sounds like you guys are having a blast.