Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Mostar, Bosnia

Mostar was the site of some of the most vicious fighting in the Bosnian Civil War (Bosniacs vs Croats) in 1992-93. The Croatian seige of the city brought with it almost total destruction. Our hotel manager told us that she was eleven years old at the time, describing how she and her family hid out every night in their basement during the seige. They also took in others whose homes were too damaged to live in. She said that they had 25 people living in their basement at all times. Please search YouTube to witness the horrible destruction of the Mostar Bridge. (search stari most or mostar bridge). This is a view of the Bridge from our Hotel room!

Our hotel driver told us that every family in Mostar lost family members. He lost two brothers. He had joined the army because he would have starved had he not. He was in the Army for four years. His pregnant wife was so malnourished she almost died. They now have 3 children. He also repeatedly thanked us as Canadians because without our help many more would have died. It was a most intense day.
This picture shows the beautiful Nevreta River that flows through Mostar.

The area around the bridge is beautiful. Although lots of war damage is still evident, many buildings have been restored. Every roof in the city and all of the windows, doors and floors have been replaced, bringing back some of the pre-war beauty to the city. We will never forget Mostar.

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Pat said...

That bridge is so beautiful - It's nice to hear that the town is rebuilding from the war. I can't imagine 25 people living in a basement!