Monday, October 04, 2010

Cruising the Elephite Islands

On Sunday we went on a 7-hour cruise through the Elephite Islands. There are ruins of former patrician summer residences scattered around the islands as well as sandy beaches, old churches, botanical gardens and small summer resorts (most are closed for the season).

Our first stop was at the island of Kolocep. We went for a walk to the sandy beach and I waded into the water. Some of our group went swimming and others opted for a beer at one of the sidewalk cafes. What a peaceful little spot!!!

After about an hour we headed to the Island of Sipan. When we arrived we were entertained by a group of young children down on the pier fishing with a long spear. They caught a fish and also a small stingray. As we walked around the island we came across them as they ran home calling "Mama, Mama!!" anxious to show her what they had caught. We were also treated to lunch on the boat while we were stopped . We had a choice of chicken or fish and I chose fish. It was served whole on my plate with some salad greens and bread. It had been pan fried and seasoned, and other than having it look at me while i was eating it was quite good. (Senor Ping chose the chicken).

Our last stop was the island of Lopud. There are no cars on the island, we saw a few bicycles and golf carts. We put on our swim suits and went for a swim, the water was crystal clear, but a bit chilly when you first got in. There was a shower and change stalls on the beach so we were able to change out of our wet suits and relax on the beach.

The ride back took about an hour as we would our way through the Dalmatian Islands. We saw people sunbathing (some nude) or fishing off the rocks. it was a great way to end our time in Croatia!!


Meg said...

Mom and Dad, looks gorgeous! Gary and I have decided that Croatia is a must for our next trip...can't wait to see all of your photos. Have fun in Rome and a safe trip!

Raymondo said...

I do hope that wasn't Sr. Ping lounging nude on the rocks.....

Pat said...

I'm going to need a Geography lesson from you guys when I see you! Sheesh! Ditto the comment from Raymondo - hope you guys weren't the nude ones on the beach! Ha ha! Can't wait to see photos, wait, let me clarify that, OF YOUR TOURS, when you get to AZ.