Friday, January 27, 2012

Under Construction

After we bought our park model last November we discussed the pros and cons of and Arizona Room vs. storage shed. Senor Ping and I spent lots of time biking around the park, looking at what other people have built and we eventually came to the decision that an AZ room would best meet our needs. The next decision was whether Senor Ping would build it or have the work done by an outside the park construction crew. We were already committed to spending 7 weeks back in Saskatchewan and tools and other equipment were going to be an issue, so we hired a crew to do the outer walls, ceiling, floor, door and windows.
This week the crew arrived and work started. Thanks to our friend Pat (from A View From The Edge) we are able to see the work in progress. We have also received emails from others who are checking out the work and reporting back. It's so great to have good friends that keep us up to date with the construction.
Here are a few photos taken by Pat of the work in progress!!

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