Saturday, August 24, 2013

August 5: The Best of Florence

We spent the day revisiting some of our favorite spots in Florence, doing some shopping and eating gelato!!

Ponte Vecchio

Buildings along the Ponte Vecchio

Gold and Jewelry shops on the Ponte Vecchio

Ponte Santa Trinita

Ponte Vecchio at night

Bust of Benvenuto Cellini and the padlocks attached
We  stood in line early in the day to enter the Duomo.  The lines were not quite as busy as they were to climb to the top of the dome or the Campinile or to enter the baptistry.
Giotto's Campanile next to the Duomo

Inside the Duomo
Piazza della Signoria

Fountain of Neptune

Human statues

Sidewalk artists

We also went to the train station to buy our tickets for our trip to Rome the next day. We had a long wait so we were very happy we had decided to go ahead of time.

We went back to the Trattoria for our last dinner in Florence and met up with the couple from Edmonton once again.  We had a glass of wine with them and shared travel stories.  After dinner we went for a final walk to the River, along the Ponte Vecchio, to the Duomo and back to our hotel to pack for our last day in Italy.

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Pat said...

I can't remember the story behind the padlocks. Was it something to do with a broken heart? Or the key to your heart?

That sidewalk drawing is awesome!