Saturday, December 28, 2013

October in Arizona

I have been cleaning up some of my photo files and thought I would do a quick recap of the last couple months.  We arrived in Mesa on October 21.  We were greeting by warm weather and old friends.  A few days of cleaning and reorganizing  and it was time for some fun.

Doug and I attended the Junior Varsity football game with Rachel and Don to watch their grandson Konnor  and his team.  What a great experience it was for us, and very different from watching our favourite team, the Eatonia Spartans, play on the home field in Eatonia.

Doug had his first courtyard gig.  Everyone had a great time, lots of great music and dancing!! The Kazoo Band joined him for a song or two. This year there is music in the courtyard 6 days a week so we will be treated to lots of great entertainment and fun times with good friends!!

We went to the Halloween Dance with Don and Rachel and Larry and Norma .  There were lots of fabulous costumes and everyone had a great time.  Doug dressed up as "50 Shades of Grey" and I was a flapper girl!!

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