Monday, October 16, 2006

Eskimos fall from Grace!

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Oh, yes.... Many of us in Sask are lamenting the tragic fall from grace that has befallen our beloved Eskimo neighbours in the north-west. But we are not snickering too loud. The esks were always a classy team in victory as well as defeat. And they certainly will be back in the playoffs soon.

Perhaps, though, this missing the playoffs is just a pretext (prelude as well) to a salary dump which will affect all CFL teams next year as a salary cap will be imposed. Expect Sask to be hard hit as well – many of their players are very well paid, and are soon to be free agents. Expect big changes there as well.

But finally, perhaps there is some justice in that the Esks and the TiCats both miss the playoffs this year... In light of their extremely shady trade last year, (Mass, Comisky, Davis et al), maybe both teams are getting their proper reward in missing the playoffs this year. There should have been an investigation. A player to be named later???? NO. Some form of collusion in that trade that should have been tossed out along with The Don, the Commissioner, Shivers, Barrett, Paopao, Kent Austin, those two loud-mouthed Stamps, Macioca, Edmonton’s nepotism, The entire CBC Broadcast team led by Chris Walby, Saturday afternoon game times, the Ottawa Renegades, CFL drug policy, Ricky Williams, Video-replay..... Toss ‘em all.

Reduce the CFL to 8-10 imports.


Laurel said...

Thank you for your kind words in regards to our beloved Eskimos ... they will be missed.

Meg said...

Stay classy, Edmonton.