Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Spooktacular halloween

RV Having Fun
We are having another great Halloween. The costume parade today was excellent as always. There were numerous Spidermen, fairies, witches, devils, etc but the best were three little preschoolers wearing grey sweatsuits and carrying white sticks. Took me a while but I finally figured out it was 3 blind mice. The Johnson /Nunweiler family came as the Adams family (all 6 of them). There were 2 sumo wrestlers in inflatable costumes and a scotsman in a kilt.
The doorbell has been ringing since 4:00 Pm and we have had most of the kids in town at our door. Not much excitement around town as yet but I am sure it will take place later on tonight.
I was glad it was my last Halloween party. We carved pumpkins this morning, played games, sang songs, made crafts and ate the usual lunch (cheese and crackers, salami, veggies and cupcakes and cookies) and drank withces brew complete with eye balls. Oh for the good old days when we had egg salad sandwiches and decorated sugar cookies!!!

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Meg said...

mmm, sugar cookies. Those were good days.