Sunday, November 05, 2006

Riders Gopher-hole the Stamps!!!

Top Ten List

Top Ten Reasons why its Good to be a Stampeder (fan)

1. Everyone will agree with you when on any given day you say.... "Burrr i(t)s cold"
2. You don't need a gopher to dig holes in your field, your team will do it.
3. You get a two week head-start on the other CFL teams to plan for Grey Cup 2007
4. Half your fans go home happy when you lose.
5. Joffrey Reynolds only fumbled once in this year's game.
6. Last year's Defensive MVP John Grace didn't miss a single tackle.
7. You can meet the Eskimos on the Golf Course this week.
8. You don't have to watch Geroy Simon make monkeys out of Lewis and Copeland.
9. Burris' completion percentage (if you include his interceptions) was over 50%.
10. The Muppets don't have a song called "its not easy being Red"


Snowflake said...

Nothing like a bit of rivalry between family members. Al, I must say I sympathize with you as I am sure your Dad and uncles, cousins, sister, aunts, roommates and half of the city of Calgary were cheering against your team but even I have to say "go Riders!!!"

Meg said...



Man, that felt good.

Laurel said...

Well, seeing as my Eskies didn't make the play-offs, you can count me in on cheering for the west.

kent said...

Ouch, that hurts.

If only I had some way to back it up. Hmmm...

When was the last time Saskatchewan won the Grey Cup? 1990 was it?

Oh wait, I'm a part owner of the team, so I shouldn't talk.