Sunday, November 19, 2006

Spartans #1

RV Having Fun
The Eaton School Spartan Girls volleyball team won gold at provincials this weekend. First medal in volleyball in the school's history. Way to go Spartans!!!


Anonymous said...

In a related story, onetime Rider and fan favourite Paul McCallum was selected as outstanding Canadian in the 2005 Grey Cup game yesterday.

The deadly accurate BC kicker was perfect in the 2005 playoffs, not missing a single field goal and tying the record for the most field goals in a Grey Cup game.

Ever the gentleman, McCallum remarked "Saskatchewan fans have always been good to me" when asked if he had anything to say about his days as a Rider.

Ace Bailey said...

On the topic of McCallum, one thing that killed the Riders is a terrible kicker.

Way to let go of the Outstanding Canadian of the Grey Cup Riders.

Also, Clermont teared up, he must have been thinking: "I thought as a great Regina boy that the Riders would draft me, but they didn't, and thanks to that decision I can touch the Grey Cup." Hell, Kelly Bates, another homegrown talent broke the Grey Cup because of the inevitable excitement since he never thought he'd be allowed to be within 30 miles of it.

Goes to show the importance of hometown talen. Or wait, it goes to show the importance of picking up hometown talent that the Riders refuse to!

Senor Ping said...

Even more astounding is the BC Lions leadership team led by Head Coach Wally Buono, Offensive Coordinator Jacques Chapdelaine, O-Line Coach Dan Dorazio, and D-Line Coach Mike Roach... all former Stampeder coaches, not to mention QB Dave Dickenson, Grey cup MVP. And.... Javier Glatt from Calgary, plus spy George White.

Just imagine the Stamps with all that Brain Trust.

But there is hope in sight if anyone can spell boerigter!

Ace Bailey said...


Start looking forward to having a huge slot come crashing down upon your tiny linebackers Hunt, Mitchell, and the revolving door. Then breeze past them and your DB's and watch his sure-handed catch lead towards a more civilized touchdown celebration.

Meg said...

blahblahblah sports blah blah blah... Can we focus on how cool it is that another Bailey succumbed to my Blog Peer Pressure?