Saturday, November 18, 2006

Tis The Weekend

RV Having Fun
Less than 6 weeks until Christmas and so many things to do to prepare for the upcoming holiday season. I got up early this morning with plans to start making some to-do lists. I thought I might try to get my Christmas letter written before December 25 and or get a start on some baking.

BUT, I sat down and thought I would just check my email before I starting priorizing all the things I wanted to accomplish. That led me to surfing the net and downloading some awesome music for drama. Oops, before I knew it it was almost time for an early brunch. Then I noticed a book I had started earlier in the week. Well, I thought I would just read a few chapters..... now I am almost finished but the lists have not been started. How am I going to check them twice (or three or four times), see who has been behaving themselves (Allan I am talking about you) and decide which task to start today?

With the better part of the day over maybe I will just watch the U of S Huskie football game. The Spartan Volleyball team is heading into playoffs at provincials and it looks like they might just bring home a medal. I will have to regularily check the website to see what the scores of the games are, can't possibly concentrate on list making when I am so busy.

And that brings us to this evening. Wine Tasting at the KI (I am going to taste the wine and Senor Ping is going to provide the entertainment). Jack and Judi will be there so I am sure we will be provided with a few laughs.

Well, maybe tomorrow I can start that list. Or I could just put it off until next weekend.


Meg said...

AHA! I knew I came by my procrastinating nature honestly!

Ace Bailey said...

Mom- for this to be a wine-tasting event you have to spit it into the bucket. Otherwise it's getting drunk...

I've got a beer tasting event this Thursday. I need to know if the Pilsner tastes the same as it did last week.

Meg said...

I double-checked all the Vodka in Calgary, just to be sure.

Yep, still tastes like Vodka.