Saturday, August 04, 2007

Kish Kousins Reunion

The August long weekend is usually a time to relax, head for the lake for a mid summer camping trip or possibly, if you are a farmer, your last trip before harvest. In the Kish family the August long weekend is when we have our family reunions. In 2001 the reunion started early the week before with relatives arriving from various parts of the country. There were week long celebrations, many long nights full of food and festivities and many, many laughs. When the rest of the family arrived for the weekend they were entertained with stories of the goings on of all the cousins during the week. Two years ago it was more of the same except that there were a few more family members arriving early in the week, afraid they might miss out of something if they weren't in Yorkton when the first relatives arrived.
Well, here it is 2007, August long weekend and it is the gathering of the clan again. I decided to head to Yorkton early in the week so I caught a ride to Saskatoon with a friend and jumped on the bus. The direct bus to Yorkton only runs very early in the morning or late at night so I decided to take the bus to Melville and have Debbie pick me up. I was a bit surprised to find out that the Melville bus actually went to Regina and then after a two hour layover headed to Melville AND YORKTON. I read a book and let someone else do the driving. My sister Judy also started out Wednesday morning but had car problems and finally arrived Thursday afternoon. The Churko family also started arriving early in the week but we must all be getting old because we skipped the cousins' supper on Thursday night and just spent a quiet evening visiting with family. Could it be that we were so quiet because Jocelyn was not here to terrorize the poor little girls in the washroom and Dennis B. was not around to lead us all astray?
Friday evening the family gathered at Launa and Bob's house. There were about 30 of us and we had a beautiful night to sit outside and visit. Adeline, Rose, Olga, Violet and Bill were there to represent the children of Joe and Vera Kish (It's a big thanks to them that we have these wonderful reunions). Some of the cousins and their families were there from Winnipeg, Regina, Saskatoon, Calgary, and Eatonia. Bob did the barbequeing and there was more that enough to eat and drink. Most of us had a very early night however, rumor has it some of the younger crowd and even one of the "grandma's" continued to party at one of the "nightspots" in Yorkton.
This morning Launa and Bob, Andy and Donna and Doug and I went golfing. We had excellent weather and what could be better that good weather and good company when you are on the golf course. Now it is time to have a nap and get rested up for the Saturday night dinner.
To all the family who may read this and are not here with us this weekend I just want you to know we are thinking of you and yes, we are probably talking about you as well!! We are all taking lots of pictures and I'll post some of them soon.


Sandra-Faye Nagy said...

Manya thanks for posting the activities from the Reunion. It's really nice for those of us who were unable to be there this year.
This weekend we also said goodbye once again to daughter Lara as she returned to Tanzania. On Friday I had to go to the mainland and pack up all her accumulated stuff - how can a 25 year old have so much! - jam it into the car - not enough room so some had to be shipped back by bus delivery - and then hugs and kisses goodbye at the airport. I was so hot, exhausted and grubby after that day the fun in Yorkton sounds mighty fine.......
We look forward to the next installment.
Cheers from Dennis & Sandra Nagy on Vancouver Island

Snowflake said...

We wish you could have been with us, but we know how busy you have been with wedding and family. Hope to see you next time. Lenore