Monday, August 06, 2007

Saturday Nite Live

The Kish family gathered on Saturday evening for dinner at the Best Western Hotel. Because we were a smaller group this year we were in a cozy room with round tables for 8. We started off the evening with introductions. This was great because I always have so much trouble keeping the Churko cousins' children straight. Aunt Rose said grace and then we were served a delicious roast beef supper. The program began with a mention of some of the family who have reached milestone birthdays in 2007: Kevin Nagy will turn 40 in September, Corey Parker, Linda Fesco and Linda Churko are the 5-0 this year, Uncle Harold will celebrate his 80th birthday and the "lady of the hour" Aunt Adeline is 90 years young!! Adeline's sisters and brother Bill each gave a small speech and we toasted (and roasted) Aunt Adeline. Birthday cake was served after the toast. Each of the families gathered for photos and everyone continued visiting for a few more hours.

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Mareeshka said...

Wish I could have been there! I missed seeing those of you who were able to attend. I missed the food too! I'm waiting for details on the Hungarian cuisine on Sunday. And for photos too.
(P.S. my user name is from another blog site I previously visited, Mareeshka -spelled much differently- is Mary in Hungarian.