Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Live From Berlin

Here we are in Berlin. We arrived at noon yesterday and got settled in at the hotel (not the Marriott but just fine). Our first order of the day was to find some lunch and then explore the city. Burger King was the first place we found so after a whopper and coke we jumped on the bus and headed to Zoolander (not exactly but can#t pronounce the real name so it stuck). It was quite cool out so we hopped on a double decker bus and rode around for a while. Actually until the driver parked for the day and we thought we would be locked on the bus for the night. Jumped on another bus and back to the start. The next time round we got off and took a few photos of the Brandenburg gates, Reichstag etc and then finally back to our room. After a rest we headed out to find dinner. a nice little pub served some delcious pasta and pork and then we walked down the Ku'damm and jumed on the bus for a ride around in the dark. Berlin has the Festival of Lights on until the end of the month and many of the building are well lit with brightly colered lights. Today included a four hour walking tour seeing all the Nazi and Soviet era sites-Berlin Wall, Checkpoint Charlie etc. and some currywurst for lunch. We have a few more things to see and do before we head to our final city Paris.

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