Tuesday, October 16, 2007

A Quick Report From Europe

We finally found an internet cafe and have a chance to send a few emails and add to the blog. We arrived in London last Wednesday. The flight was uneventful and even arrived early. We made it through customs and onto the Gatwick express and off to London. Found our hotel and dropped off our luggage. The weather was great. Spent the next three and a half days touring about. Didn't see any rain and most of the time it was warm enough to go in short sleeves. On Monday morning we caught a plane to Prague. Weather here is beautiful. Sun shining and warm! What a wonderful place. We did a city tour this AM and now are off to see more of the city. We have today and tomorrow and then we are heading into the country. Thinking about all our friends and family and wish you could be here with us. Will do a full report of the trip when we arrive home. I discovered that it is not easy to navigate through blogspot when everything is in Czech.

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