Saturday, May 31, 2008

Home Reno-Bailey Style

Last spring I got ambitious and did a major cleaning throughout the house (with the exception of the lower basement where my school boxes are still stacked against the wall). I had planned to do some painting inside but only got as far as the fence. The Tom Sawyer trick didn't work and so Senor Ping and I ended up doing the fence by ourselves. Between the heat and mosquitos the job dragged on and my enthusiasm for painting waned.
During the winter I had contemplating what colors to paint Megan and Allan's bedrooms and after many months of indecision I finally made up my mind. I started shopping for bedding and switched some of the furniture around. And today I started painting. Allan, I am sorry to inform you that your blue "Toronto Maple Leaf forever" bedroom is no more. The hockey posters are gone (but not thrown out) and the jumbotron light fixture will be put in storage for you. The carpet is gone and new flooring is next on the list.
And then the tough part, sorting through the piles of things that came out of the room. What to keep and what to put in the garage sale next year? Startrek toys and a tub full of Lego, hockey and baseball cards (don't worry they are safe), books, t-shirts and football jerseys, Sonic the Hedgehog comic books, Magic kit and much much more!
And then comes Megan's room. The painting will be the easy part. A new bed and room for my sewing machine. Some photos taken on our Europe trip. But wait, again we have some treasures to sort through. Basketball medals, my little ponies, stuffed animals and books, books and more books! Where is the "Clean Sweep" or "While You Were Out" gang? How am I ever going to decide what to keep and where to put it? Maybe I'll put it all back and let the kids sort through everything.

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Meg said...


I mean, er, I bet Al really wants his My Little Ponies. And Jem. For the love of god, please don't...I mean, Al would really appreciate it if you saved Jem.