Friday, May 09, 2008

Nine Down and Two To Go

I am spending the weekend at the drama festival which showcases the best high school plays in the province. When I was teaching this was a weekend I looked forward to all year. First, I hoped that I would be directing one of the plays at the festival. (and I was thrilled when this actually did happen. I still get goosebumps just thinking about the play and just heard another school did it this year but was told it was not as good as ours). Second, I watched each play with great anticipation, in my mind casting my own actors into the roles and imagining what it would be like if I chose to direct that play in the future (and in other cases thinking NEVER, NEVER, NEVER). Third, I looked forward to networking with other teachers and directors and hearing about what plays they had done and what they were planning to do.
Now I just come to the festival, sit back, relax (no kids to supervise, therefore, no chaperoning at the dance) and critique the plays. So far we have seen 9 plays. All but 2 of them ran 60 minutes (a couple had to have been over the regulation 60 minutes). The plays range from themes of fairytales and the big bad wolf, teenage angst, baby angst (no not what if I have a baby but I am a baby and what am I going to do about these adults around me), a mother-son bedroom scene, more teenage angst, dating angst, teenage angst, doing a play angst and more teenage angst. I have had enough of the angst, please give me something else!!
I have enjoyed some of the actors though, my favorites are the 6 foot baby and the 10 year old waiter. I am looking forward to the plays tomorrow and then I will record my votes for the awards and later check to see how close the adjudicator and I are in our thinking.

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