Thursday, April 24, 2008

Happy to Be Home

We arrived home yesterday to a snow-filled backyard and a clean driveway thanks to our dear friend Duane. My plants have been well-taken care of during my absence by Bunny (probably much better cared for than when I am at home). We unloaded the 5th wheel and parked it temporarily. When it warms up we will head to the car wash and I'll do a final cleaning on the inside. Today we spent the morning sorting through the mail and getting caught up on paying bills. I have 11 issues of Macleans and 3 of Chatelaine to browse through. And tonight I am off to the library to pick up the new books I requested while I was away. It is good to be home, although the weather could have been more cooperative. We were looking forward to getting out on the golf course but it looks like we may have a bit of a wait. The good news is we can put off doing yard work for a while.

Abbey is not very impressed with the weather in Saskatchewan. Her daily routine for the past 11 weeks has included an early morning walk (often at the crack of dawn much to our displeasure), followed by breakfast and then more walks interspersed with naps and more food. This morning she whimpered and cried at 8:00 AM so I crawled out of bed to let her outside. She hopped up on the bed, settled in to the spot I had vacated and settled in for another hour of sleep. When she finally decided to go outside she barely stuck her nose out the door, raced around the yard and then was back on the deck barking to be let in. Although she thinks she would like to go for a walk I don't think she will last outside for very long.

This afternoon I am "home alone". I am listening to music, doing laundry and enjoying the extra space. I really should do some housecleaning but I think I will curl up with a good book and a cup of tea instead. We are going to enjoy the flounder Fred and Colleen brought us from San Carlos for dinner. Maybe if we turn up the heat in the house and drink margaritas while preparing dinner we can imagine ourselves back in the sunny south.

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Donna said...

I enjoyed viewing all the pictures and commentaries; i am sure it must feel nice to be at home for a while. it is +20 today for the first time since spring (March 21st)...on another note...
my visit with Sandy in Edmonton was good for one reason - Sandy has come to a good place with Jason; it has been a "peaceful turn around" for her right now and I am glad..bye for now!