Saturday, April 12, 2008

Laughlin: DIng, Ding, Ding

We moved on to Laughlin on Thursday morning. After packing up, Senor Ping and Keeny (our neighbor) sat down for one last jam session and then we were off. We have booked into the Rv park for a week, but also have free rooms at one of the casinos for a couple nights. The problem is Abbey is not included in the deal. We will either find a kennel for her or just use the hotel room to shower and use the pool etc and then sleep at the 5th wheel. We haven't quite worked out the logistics yet.
We are enjoying the casinos, shopping, restaurants and sight seeing around Laughlin. Internet service is poor at the RV park so we are becoming resourceful as we look for free WIFI. Today I am posting from the car wash we found last year. For $5 they take your vehicle and wash and dry it (by hand) while you wait in the air conditioned comforts of a coffee shop. The internet is fast and the leather sofas quite comfortable. I wouldn't be surprised if Senor Ping stretches out and has a nap. Good thing there isn't a TV or he would be taking over control of the remote!
The slot machines have been good to us. We are playing on their money and finding some new machines we haven't seen before. Hope this keeps up for the rest of the trip.

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