Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Safe and Sound and Freezing in Havre

We had excellent driving conditions today so we were able to get to Havre by 6:00 PM. Fred and Colleen and Maggie greeted us and supervised our parking. The flames game is on TV tonight so we set up the dish and then had a short Happy Hour inside. It has been a few years (well maybe more than a few) since we have stayed in Havre. A new hotel has been built and some of our favorite places have had facelifts. The entire main street is under road construction so it is a bit tricky to navigate with the trailer. We have found an alternate route and will try that tomorrow. We are going to do some last minute shopping and then head for home before lunch. If all goes well we should be home in the early afternoon. Just in time for everyone on the block to watch and listen to the Baileys' park the RV. I doubt that we will be able to top the departure but will give it a try.

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Meg said...

Did you have breadsticks and shirley temples and play keno at that hotel bar with the duck on the sign?