Tuesday, April 01, 2008

From 39 To 93

We are enjoying the golfing here in Salome. We have played two rounds and other than one group right behind us yesterday we have had the course to ourselves. They opened 8 new holes this year, making it a short 18 hole desert course. The greens are a bit rough but for the price and convenience we can't complain. Yesterday I scored my all time (and probably will never do it again) low score of 39 on the front nine. My back nine was not so pretty but I still broke 90 so I was quite happy. Senor Ping did not have quite as good a start, but we will blame that on his recent illness.
Today my game was a different story. Things did not go as well as the picture shows. Fred and Colleen and Senor Ping all improved their scores and mine, well, I got a better score than 93, but just by a few. Not that you will every hear me complain. After all, it's not snowing, we are enjoying sunshine and golf and good company and it's Tecate Tuesday!

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