Monday, April 07, 2008

You Do What You Have To

It is 8:50 PM. I am sitting outside (almost on the road but not quite), there is only a sliver of a moon but the stars are twinkling and I can hear the last few guests at the Roadrunner Bar. Most important I found an internet signal and so I am mooching off of someone's WIFI to post tonight. It's not the best but as I said "you do what you have to". We had an awesome round of golf (well, it depends on who you talk to and what your definition of awesome is but in my books it was awesome). There are pictures to go with the golf but I don't think my signal is quite strong enough to add the photos so you will have to wait until I find a better signal.
After our round of golf we headed over to the Roadrunner Floating Bar. If you read Fred and Colleen's blog you will get an idea of what it's like on a Sunday afternoon, well, Monday evening is much the same. We are here in Parker for a couple days and then off to Laughlin. Abbey had her first swim in the Colorado River today and we are proud to say she actually knows how to dog paddle. We are back to the golf course tomorrow and then we plan to check out Lake Havasu and the London Bridge before moving on.

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