Tuesday, April 22, 2008

One More Night???

This morning we are leaving Pocatello with plans to drive to Great Falls or Havre depending on the snow and road conditions through Montana. We had a rather chilly night last night. Temperatures have been unseasonably low here and so the maintenance man came around last night and turned the water off at each RV site. He was afraid of freezing pipes. We made a quick trip to Walmart to buy RV antifreeze and winterized the trailer. The satellite was working so we watched hockey and news from back home. We had our furnace going and were quite cozy until about 3:00 AM when we ran out of propane. Fortunately Senor Ping had filled our second tank so he was out the door to switch tanks the heat was back running in no time. It really has been no different than camping at Cypress Hills in May, however, we may be in for worse conditions tonight. I am digging out our winter jackets and boots just in case. Hopefully we will be able to post tonight to let you know where we are, if not, we'll catch up with everyone when we get home.

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Meg said...

Please drive safely.