Friday, November 21, 2008

The Links At Coyote Wash

This morning our friend Bob, Senor Ping and I went golfing at the Links At Coyote Wash. The course is at Wellton, approximately 15 miles east of our park. We left before sunrise and were quite surprised at how much cooler the temperature was on the other side of the mountain. We had to wait for the daylight before we could tee off on the first hole.

The 18 hole course is in excellent shape with beautiful landscaping and new homes sprouting up all around. The course had many challenges including water on many holes, cavernous sand traps (of which Bob and I had plenty of opportunity to experience) and a lengthy drive between some of the holes. I wonder how many golfers get lost each day?? The three of us enjoyed good scores and look forward to playing a couple more rounds before we head north.


Raymondo said...

So Lenore, next time you go rooting around in the grass for your golf ball, send Doug in there first. There might just be a rattlesnake waiting for you!

Snowflake said...

This morning the course marshall warned us about rattlers in the desert so we approached all balls in the rough with caution. I was quite willing to take a penalty instead of digging for a ball and finding a snake instead.