Saturday, November 08, 2008

This Week in Yuma

A little bit of golf, a little bit of guitar and a lot of desert marks our week in Yuma. Temperatures here have moderated, 75-80 degrees during the day and cool enough at night to get a good sleep. Also, a spending spree for me on eBay has yielded a new Ping Lob Wedge (now I gotta learn to hit it), and at the Arizona Marketplace has produced a new set of Nike Slingshot Irons for Lenore (She is hitting them like a pro)!

Today I'm looking forward to watching the Eastern and Western Semi-Finals on TSN. Until last night I couldn't receive any of the TSN signals from any of the Even Transponders (technical stuff, don't worry), but magically, perhaps an omen, TSN showed up on my screen last night! I will be able to watch the games live! Go Riders!

Lenore is off doing laundry this morning. Abbey and I washed the truck. (Drive thru's are so great). Anybody got any ideas how to get rid of the bugs from the front bumper and grill? I bought some magical cleaner at the Marketplace BUT IT DIDN'T WORK. It was called snake-oil or something like that. Beware of these gimmicks....

Hello to all that read our blog. We are fine and doing well in the desert.


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trudyandglen said...

Tough life huh?? You may have to do a little scrubbing on those bugs--try straight windshield washer or BBQ starter. Remember don't work toooooo hard!!!