Friday, April 03, 2009

Beautiful Sedona!!!

Senor Ping and I took a scenic drive to Sedona last week. We went north through Payson and stopped at Camp Verde for lunch. We also toured Montezuma's castle before winding our way over to Sedona. Near Strawberry we came across some snow on the side of the road. The temperatures went from a balmy 65 F in Mesa to 36 F when we spotted the snow banks. Down in Sedona it was back up to a pleasant 60 F.
Sedona has a world wide reputation as being a spiritual mecca. There are numerous spiritual guides and readers in the area as well as gift shops selling every possible trinket from the area. We did a quick tour, stopping to take many photos, as we soon realized that this is a place we would like to return to in the future (not for the "vortexes" ) because of the beautiful scenery.

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