Saturday, April 18, 2009

Fun In Las Vegas

For some reason we can never bypass Las Vegas. The truck just turns off the interstate highway and it seems to know its way to the RV park. Ritchie and Corrine had emailed us to let us know that they would be in Las Vegas when we were passing through and then Fred and Colleen also emailed to say that they would also be in Las Vegas so what could we do? We just had to let the truck take us to Sam's Town.

It was great to have a few beverages with friends from home and catch up on the news. We enjoyed showing Ritchie and Corrine around the strip (too bad Ritchie was not feeling well and had to head back to the hotel early). We shared some stories and a few dinners while we were together. On Friday they left their truck and trailer in Las Vegas and headed out on the motorcycle to tour around Arizona for the next week.

And our winter holiday would not be complete if we weren't following Fred and Colleen home. They left Las Vegas Friday morning and we started for home today. Roads are clear, I'm still in capris and sandals (not sure for how much longer) and the weather forecast is great. We should be home on Monday!!

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