Sunday, May 02, 2010

Here's to the Horses, that Pull the Budweiser!!!

We welcomed our son home to Eatonia for the weekend. He is now employed by Labatts, the distributer of Budweiser. His arrival in the Budweiser Beer Wagon caused quite a stir in our little town. Lots of people stopping by and enquiring "got any free beer" or "Do you have any Neon Beer signs to give away"? Can't wait to hear what the word on the street is.

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Meg said...

I've always known he's your favourite.

Pat said...

This won't be like a red flag for those RCMP's to stop him and test him for a DUI will it? LOL!

I take it this was your old car that you handed over to him. Now it's become a beer wagon!

Snowflake said...

Pat, this is a company vehicle that comes with his new job...much better than the last company vehicle he brought home (the town garbage truck)!!!!

And're our favorite daughter and he's our favorite son!!!!!

Raymondo said...

I think most young guys would give their left nut to drive a buggy like that!