Sunday, May 16, 2010

Panama Canal? Suez Canal?

It certainly appears like they are digging a canal up 5th Street East in our town. This is what our house looks like from the street!!!

New water pipes are being installed for the
residents of 5th Street.

You can see our house in the background again. Crews worked all day Sunday to dig this trench. We are without water, and have been since Saturday. Robbie, the town foreman and good friend of ours, tells us we should be reconnected to the town water supply by Thursday. In the meantime, we have strung garden hoses to the neighbour's house across the back alley.

This is what we see from our front step.


Pat said...

No water till Thursday? Holy Toilet, Batman that can't be pretty! Thank God for neighbors and garden hoses! Does that mean you guys are just washing "possible" in the sink?

Senor Ping said...

Actually it is not that much of an inconvenience. I hooked my neighbors hose to ours and we have running water again. There is a little pressure loss, but that's about it. Kind of like living in the 5th wheel again.