Monday, July 26, 2010

Little Valley Jamboree

In mid July we took our 5th wheel an hour down the dusty trail to the Callsen farm for the Little Valley Jamboree. This was our first time at the LVJ and so we took our trailer over on Thursday to make sure we would get a camp site. There were about 10 trailers already parked when we set up in the farm yard. We headed back on Friday evening and the yard was full of campers and people of all ages. Guests are invited to bring their lawn chairs, beverages and dancing shoes. Musicians young and old are invited to join in the music. We missed the square dancers that kicked off the weekend. A camp fire was kept burning so that you could roast wieners or marshmallows or warm up if you were chilly. When we went to bed on Friday night the band was still going strong.

Doug made his debut on the stage on Saturday afternoon. Just as he started to play the clouds opened up and down came the rain. Everyone moved their chairs under the big red and white striped tent and enjoyed the music and the 2 young dancers that stayed on the dance floor the entire time. A roast beef supper was served to all the guests (everyone brought salads and desserts). As the sun was setting the music started up again and continued on until the wee hours of the morning. We had a great time visiting, had many laughs (who could forget Bryan's domino chairs or Geri and Brett's chair dance) and the final singsong around the campfire.

Sunday morning we were treated to a pancake breakfast and gospel music. All the musicians made their way up on stage for one final time before packing up and saying their goodbyes. We had a wonderful time meeting new people, listening to great music and enjoying the company of good friends. Our hats go off to the Callsen family for hosting such a fantastic event!!! We've booked our calendar for next year!!!!



Pat said...

Sounds like a lot of fun!

colleen said...

Looks interesting, but where was Doug's partner on the stage?