Monday, July 26, 2010 Behind

I have been neglecting this blog as well as not downloading photos but the time has come!!! So to deal with the backlog of posts and photos I decided I would go back to the end of June and try to catch everyone up with what we have been keeping busy with.

Senor Ping and I visited with Megan and Gary and his mom in Trail B.C. at the end of June. It was a very scenic drive from Calgary to Trail, with a few stops to stretch our legs and take Abbey for a quick run. Our first evening we enjoyed a fantastic "all you can eat" spaghetti dinner at a family style restaurant in Trail. I am still drooling when I think of the delicious meatballs!!!

The next day we took a drive to Nelson, did a bit of shopping and stopped for lunch. it was such a treat to eat at a sidewalk cafe and not spend the whole time slapping mosquitos. After lunch we continued on to Ainsworth Hot Springs and had a refreshing swim. In the evening we visited with some of Doreen's (Gary's Mom) friends and shared in the surprise birthday celebrations they had planned for Doreen.

Senor Ping and I managed to get in a round of golf at the Trail Country Club. Our last evening we had dinner at the Rock Cut Grill near Red Mountain Ski Resort. Our vacations was short but we had a wonderful time visiting Trail!!


Donna said...

your daughter Megan resembles somewhat her mother? yes i think so.
looks like lovely to to Trail BC.

your summer is going pretty well it seems.

bye for now!

Donna said...

i meant to say "it looks like a lovely trip to Trail BC.

(sheesh - got to watch my sentence and spelling when commenting on a school teachers' blog!)

Meg said...

Donna - I get that all the time! I'm about 6 inches taller than Mom, though, so I've got a bit of my Dad in me! :)