Saturday, March 12, 2011

Are We Having A Good Time?

Senor Ping and I have been back in Mesa for a month and I've only posted once on my blog. That's not because we lead a boring life, never do anything and consequently have nothing to blog about. It's the exact opposite! We are so busy, I hardly have time to do laundry and the usual cleaning around the 5th wheel, let alone keep updating my blog. Shortly after we arrived, I went to "Menopause: the Musical" with a group of gals from the park. We had so many laughs!! Gavin and Loreen and Doug and I also went to "Spamalot" a few days later. We are so fortunate to have access to performances like these, without driving two and half hours like we would at home. The park has a concert series and we went to see Esteban (a classical guitarist). There is music in the courtyard at least twice a week, there are lots of talented musicians here in the park, as well as other musicians that are hired to perform. A pitcher of beer sells for $5 so with free entertainment and cheap beer how can you not have a good time!!

I usually take my camera and have photos to add to my posts, but there were a few events that I have forgotten my camera, or it was too dark to take good photos. Besides the usual Music in The Courtyard and Saturday night dances, we were fortunate to get tickets for the Canada Days celebration. Each year residents from a specific province host a dinner and dance. This year it was scheduled for February 4 and Saskatchewan was hosting the event. Unfortunately there was a power outage in the park and the host committee decided to postpone the celebration. Fortunate for us, tickets came available and we were able to get some. No surprise to us, the Saskatchewan committee put on a fabulous evening. They wore their "Rider Pride" shirts and were easy to identify in the sea of red and white. The provincial flags were on display and Ellen was an honorary "Newfie" for the evening!!

On March 7 and 8 the park held their annual Variety Night. This year the show was the best ever. The theme was "On The Road Again" and the show included music and dance from across the U.S. and Canada. Doug accompanied the line dancers with "I'm Going to Kansas City" and I was part of the Mardi Gras paraders. The highlight was the Synchronized Swim Team!! I just wish I had taken my camera!

I am going to try to get a few more posts done today. I have quilt show, golf tournament, happy hour photos and pictures of the St. Pat's parade to sort and organize and then get posted.....but first it's time to hit the pool!!

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Pat said...

Whew! Who ever said retirement was boring?