Saturday, March 12, 2011

Quilt Show

Last November I decided I wanted to learn to quilt. Loreen was an excellent teacher and showed me the ins and outs of cutting and sewing the strips of fabric and building the blocks for my first quilt. I finished sewing the blocks and was able to lay them out before heading home at the end of the month. While home, I sewed the blocks together and picked out the border fabric. When I arrived back at Val Vista, I got the border cut and sewed on and the binding ready, but I was sure I wouldn't have time to get it finished before the Quilt Show. Well, with lots of help and a few strings being pulled, a miracle happened and four days before the show I dropped off the quilt to have it machine quilted. Loreen came to my rescue again and showed me how to prepare the binding and then sew the binding onto the quilt. Before and after the Canada Days' celebration I hand sewed the binding. This is the finished product!!

On March 2 Val Vista hosted their first Quilt Show, with 129 entries, plus 37 challenge fabric entries.

This quilt is called "Quick Trip Around the World" in black and white fabric. it is one of my favorite at the quilt show.

The challenge fabric brought out the creative side in all the quilters. These flowers were cut from the challenge fabric and attached to a painting. Just beautiful!!!

More challenge fabric!!

This is the "Best of the Show "quilt. The photo does not show the beautiful embroidery or the detail. Lil did a fabulous job!!

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Pat said...

You are one talented woman! You can directed a play AND make a quilt in a matter of a couple of months? Whew! I'm impressed! I'm sorry I missed the quilt show. It looks like it was real nice. I hope they have it again next year. Your quilt turned out real nice!