Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Kish Cousins

Yesterday Senor Ping and I went to visit my cousin Andy and his wife Donna at their home in Maricopa. Andy's mom, (Aunt Vi) and his sisters Diane and Linda and Linda's 3 kids were visiting from Saskatchewan. Launa, another sister, was also planning to be there but her husband Bob has been fighting the flu and decided it would be best to stay away. And Cindy and Brian (another cousin) also joined the mini Kish reunion. Our three families spent many hours together when we were growing up. First, we all lived in or near Yorkton as did our grandparents. We celebrated all the holidays together as our mothers took turns hosting the family gatherings. We attended high school together and some of us lived together off and on during our university days. As cousins started getting married we gathered for what became known as "cousins parties" after the weddings. And together with the rest of our cousins we continue to gather to honor our parents and grandparents.

As we were sitting by the pool, enjoying the sunshine (as Diane said, "We came from the cold Canadian winter to enjoy the sun and so let's sit in the sun!"), and catching up on family news, I had a flashback to another such gathering. It was one of those many gatherings we had at Aunt Vi and Uncle Lucas's farm. It could have been a wedding, anniversary, bridal shower or just a sunny Sunday afternoon. And all of us girls were soaking up the sunshine in our terry-cloth rompers.

I just had to capture the moment with another photo.

The afternoon certainly brought back memories of those gatherings years ago. We laughed and shared stories, and reminisced about the curling bonspiels in Willowbrook. Donna served a fabulous dinner that was topped off with fresh lemon pie that Cindy made with lemons from the tree in her yard. What a great way to spend an afternoon!!

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