Saturday, February 11, 2012

Oasis Players has Trouble With Cats

This year's Oasis Players Dinner Theatre was a huge success. We had sell-out crowds all three nights and everyone raved about the meal, the music and the play called the Trouble With Cats. The catering committee outdid themselves with a delicious roast beef dinner. Julie and Richard Nunweiler and Doug Bailey brought the audience to their feet with six musical numbers. The set was the most elaborate we have ever used and hats off to Gary S. for all his work with set construction. The cast was a combination of well experienced actors as well as a few newcomers to our club. Congratulations to all of the cast and crew for a fabulous performance!!

The Housesitters: Phillip and Ivy meet River and Sunshine
(Brett Becker, Deanna Callsen, Steven Kanasevich, Kim Somerville)

The Annoying Neighbors: Joy and Nelson
(Geri Golightly, Bryan Somerville)

The Home Owners and the Local Fishermen: Frank and Joanna, Bill and Ben
(Deanna Callsen, Nathan Longmuir, Saraha Becker, Dave Becker, Dion Swan)

Just One Chocolate: River and Onie
(Steven Kanasevich, Karen Luptak)

The carpenter arrives: Phillip, Ivy and Mitzy
(Brett Becker, Deanna Callsen, Debbie Kroeker)

The women are plotting: Joy, Ivy, Sister No
(Geri Golightly, Deanna Callsen, Mary Skjei)

Did you know? Nelson, River, Phillip
(Bryan Somerville, Steven Kanasevich, Brett Becker)

We sleep natural: Sunshine, River
(Kim Somerville, Steven Kanasevich)

My little pussycat: Amos, Mitzy
(Johnny Golightly, Debbie Kroeker)

PJ and Onie
(Mathew Stimson, Karen Luptak)


colleen said...

Lenore, who are all the performers - some I can't place?

Snowflake said...

I'll go back in and edit and add some names for you!!